Farewell Invitation Template

Farewell parties are organized to say good bye to your senior persons therefore these parties can be bittersweet. You have to be careful while organizing such kind of parties as there should be a right balance of solemnity and joy in the party. You have to invite different persons to your party and farewell invitation is the best way to do this. Designing of your farewell invitation depends on the type of event you are going to plan either formal or informal by considering different factors. Your wordings will set the right tone and will ensure that the party is well organized. Your invitation should be well created with complete details. You can create a positive farewell invitation with the use of right words. You have to convey your love and care to the person you are saying good bye through right style and wordings. Your farewell invitation should be detailed and well designed so be careful while it’s designing.

Ideas to Design Farewell Invitation

You have to design a farewell invitation in a way to highlight all important details and for your convenience; I am going to share some ideas to design farewell invitation:

Informal InvitationFarewell Invitation Template

  • Write the name of person on the top for which you are going to throw a farewell party. You can write “John Blair is leaving the office”. At the top of the page, you can put a picture of John to give a personalized touch to your farewell invitation.
  • You can use MS Word or MS Publisher program to easily insert a picture in your farewell invitation. It is very easy to adjust the size and place of your picture by clicking it just for once.
  • After the picture, write the theme, location, date and time of the farewell party. Try to write everything in clear font so that reader can notice it on first glance. You can write as, “Come and say goodbye at a hippie-themed party. Come to 36 Blue Moon Street, ABC Hill at 8 p.m. November 15”.
  • Write dress requirement for your party considering the theme and the nature of your farewell invitation. You can write formal, casual or black tie as dress codes. You have to write accurate words such as, “Dress in the spirit of long hair, peace and love. Bring a bottle of wine”.
  • Bottom of the page should include email or phone numbers for the guests to provide their response. For example, you can write RSVP to Jimmy Joseph via email jimeph@gmail.com or call 555-5555.

Formal Invitation

  • If it is your formal invitation then you have to keep everything formal, neat and clean. Print the invitation on high quality, type your invitation using formal words like, “A Farewell Evening with John Hearty”.
  • Include details of party in formal way and avoid any kind of rhyme or funny words. You have to leave proper space after each information such as after writing theme of the farewell leave couple of lines to write date and time of the party.

Here is download link for this Farewell Invitation Template,


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